Open files through app

Does anyone know how to open the file through the app? Same like in kodular?

Please explain exactly what you mean, what file, where, give an example, show some relevant blocks....

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component_event (2)
@TIMAI2 Like this, a block from kodular, @Peter

Got Recieved Shared: how, from where ?

It's a block to open file through our app, like as you see "open with" option while opening image in whatsapp or other apps.

Probably need to use a file extension from Taifun or vknow360 to access the file structure/location to do this.

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Any links?


Search page for "File" or "FileTools"

Hmm, I know that extensions, but's there is no event block for got received shared. ):

Ah, you didn't mention that this was something happening in the background.....?

You will need the web component and the gotFile event.

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@vknow360 Sent me answer, thanks Tim.

Here is the link to answer: -

Thanks Sunny.

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