Open File Manager

Hello friends,

I want to open file manager and see all the files using activity starter.
I have come across a tutorial (this one: which specifies data type, I have followed that I have followed but I am unable to get desired results...Can anyone please help?

Thank You

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Hi @Spotlight Welcome
Please show your blocks.

I can see two errors in your blocks.
1.You can't specify data type in that way.
2. file:///android_asset is only accessible through webviewer.

Here is solution:
1.To specify more than one mime-types first set Date Type to */*
Now create a list of desired mime-types.
And then add this extra field:

2.To show all the desired files, just don't touch Data Uri block.

It's showing a notification with this message : "Argument to Extras should be a list of pairs"

If you are uploading files to Google Drive, you can do it inside the app:

Upload Any File To Google Drive with AI2

You will probably have to use a dictionary instead of a list.

Ok...I will try it out

It worked!
All I had to do was change the data type to / as you said. I did not add the extra block either. (refer the picture)

Thank you so much!

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

However, this will allow the user to pick any type of file.
But it is ok if it works for you.