Open chrome in kiosk mode / fullscreen mode by Activity Starter

Hello, i am trying to open a chrome browser session, with an address pointing to a string in a borderless mode, i can open it and it correctly show me the page i requested, but i can't set it to fullscreen.

I tryed to use the extras function to pass a list o lists where i send the application the following pairs:
"kiosk" true
"start-maximized" true
"start-fullscreen" true

I even tryed with the double dash preceding the params, but neither worked, it didn't gave errors anyway.

how can i do ?

Outside of AppInventor, can you start the android Chrome browser in a "kiosk" mode? If so, how would you do this? On a computer it generally requires a url with parameters....

No, i am not able to set fullscreen on smartphone, but this will be used on a tablet. by the way i was wondering if there's a walkaround for this.

Why not use the webviewer, you can go fullscreen with that ?