Open another screen if informations are right

where or how can i add here where information of user is correct open another screen
!!! i know i have a block to open another screen but i dont know how can i do it " After pressing the login button if information right (gmail , password ) open another screen

Fill your informazioni in a list then Use the block open anither screen with startvalue and retrive with get start value the informazioni in the opened screen.there is all


i am trying to do a reset password button , but i didnt receive any email for reset
where is the problem?

@TIMAI2 ?? see here my question please

are you sure, that a POST request is required? what does the API documentation say?
what do you get in the Web.GotText event? probably any error message?


Herewith the documentation for sending a password reset email (again)
Show your full url...

POST is suggested as the method in the documentation.

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