Open another screen from html

I would like to “navigate” between screens with links inside html webviewer page.
For example:
I have an app that contains a screen with a webviewer that calls a html page + another screen (called BSCREEN).
What i want is to set a link from html that allow the app to go to SCREENB.

If it is all your own html, then use the webviewstring to send data back to the app from the webviewer:


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thanks for you reply,
can you send me an example?
let’s suppose that my html webpage has a button link and this button has to link to screen 2 of my app…
how to do?
the webpage is a server side page so php.
thanks for your kindly help

I provided a link to an example above. The html can work from server side, but webviewstring requires client side javascript to run. You may have to google to find out how to get some javascript into your php pages