Open another app after finishing the first app

if screen 10 is finished and the next button is clicked i want to open another app.
i did everything the help file said to do but i doesnt work. what am i doning wrong?

Try starting the activity (purple block) AFTER you set the package and the class ?

i put the purple last but now i get a error code. what can i do to fix this?
error 601: no corresponding activity was found.

Is an app with this package name installed on your phone? I'm asking because I just tested the activity in companion and it works without a problem. I get error 601 when I enter the wrong package name. The application with the given package must be installed on the phone.

On a second look the strings in your package and class look wrong when compared to the ones in the documentation for Hello Purr.

should be:


appinventor.ai_<username>.<appname>.Screen1 (or possibly just Screen)

The capitalization of the letters also matters. If your app is called "Memory_chapters_2", it won't work with "memory_chapters_2".

i did exactly what was in the help file.
this is the main. what should i put in and were do i put it??
i copy paste the ain so to prevent typos.

And this memory_chapter_2 app is installed on the phone as an APK?

i am confoused becouse this is chapter 2 of a game and how do i make chapter 1 and t together into one apk?

You didn't answer my question , is your memory_chapters_2 apk is installed on your phone.

no it is not installed jet. the apk file only contains the first chapter, so now i would make the user install every chapter seperatly and even before they can play it. that seems a strange way to play a game.
how do i build one apk with more then one app in it? if i select 2 apps the built apk button stays grey. i an really confused now.

That's why you get error 601. When chapter1 ends, you can ask in the app for the user to download and install chapter2.

is there a way to get two apps nto one apk file?

I think there is some way of packaging. AppInventor does not support this

thank you so much, now i know whats wrong and maybe i will find a sulotion.