Open an IPA binary in the XCode-Simulator of Apple

Anybody know if is possible open an IPA with the Simulator Code of Apple? I had to do it but without success.

I need it because to can send an App to AppStore I need to attach several screenshots of the app running in several Apple devices and I have not all the necesary Apple devices. Does anyone have any idea how it can be done?. Note: I had modified the screenshot sizes with Photshop, but the Apple tecnicians has detected it and not accept these screenshots.

No, I do not thinks so.,the%20simulator%20and%20it%20installs.

Hello @Anke
Thank you very much @Anke for your links.
With this option I can:

I have not an iPad but I can runs my App in this simulator choosen the iPad size device.

I cant runs the Apple TestFleicht with this web-simulatgor and from here I can open my App. Tanks¡¡¡¡¡

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