Only one listview per screen

Hi. A very simple program with one listview and one action, after picking

, I send the info to notifier, no problem. I add a second listview WITHOUT changing any code and it crashes.

It is a pity no one tested the nb187 version before it was released. The link to the test server was long on the forum. The bug is known, you have to wait for the fix.

Not crashing here on Android 10 companion...

So as well as developing an app on the server, we are expected to test it on a beta server which has known bugs to see if its bug free? In a release version there should be no 'known bugs', else why release it

i had none untill i updated to new version of companion

Ah, I made it crash once I put some elements in the second listview then made a selection with the first.

As previously stated, this bug is now known (since release)...beta testing did not throw up this error.

Apologies i just found the relevant topic.please close this.

And who is to check for errors before releasing the official version? AppInventor is a completely free platform, it does not employ beta testers. Do you expect something for free? Add your contribution.