Only numbers in a text notifier

how to change the keyboard to only numbers in a text notifier?

Maybe you could use [Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension - #176 by Helios - ClassicExtensions - Community and set input type to number

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I will test, thanks!

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did not solve. Don't type ., and cancel doesn't work.

Works fine for me, test this

test_notifier.aia (28.4 KB)

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have to accept accepts semicolons for decimals.
In the example does not accept

Ok then it doesn't work because it accepts only positive integers . Search community or Pura Vida Apps Extension Directory for another extension


in the text dialog I need to type only numbers (integers and decimals) so I need the "." (2.30, 7.99)

I have just done a bit of work on my Alt-Notifier extension, try this update:
metricrat.ai2.altnotifierV1.2.aix (14.5 KB)


Displays number keyboard, and provides: dot, comma and minus
Example output: -14,526.43

Tested companion, Android 12.


Perfect. It was what I needed. Thank you!

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