Only delete dynamic markers

In my app, a CSV file marker is to be displayed on a map on a map. When I reloaded, I deleted the markers with future.Createemtylist. Now, however, futures at the development period (circle, line) should be added that should not be deleted.

is working

is not working

Welcome Stefan.

Using a blue Math /= will not work as you discovered. A green Logic /= might work. Map1.Features is not a number and neither is LineString1.

Have you attempted to deBug using a DoIt (showing the contents of Features and LineString1 components)? Please share the DoIt. Without that or an aia example all anyone can do is guess.

Working with the Map components is complex; your simple way of 'deleting' components may or may not work so the developer has to test his/her code.

Delete.aia (4.1 KB)
Delete2 shouldn't delete the linestring, but doesn't delete at all.