Only 6€ Profits How Do You Promote Your Apps?


I have the whole time I am creating apps only 6€ profits. I have many apps, but only the German app Cats and Plants has two times sold.

Why no one buys my apps on Google Play? How do you promote your apps? I have only a very small income and cannot pay hundreds of euros for Google ads. Here are my apps:



If you want to show case your app, you need to post more info, like the purpose of the app, some screen shot, and change the category to Showcase.

Hello Kevin, Thank you. I did not want to showcase the app here, because I am not quite sure, if it is allowed to promote an app here in the community. The main goal of my question is, how to get more profits with my apps and which promotion channels other AI2 developers use. How do you promote your apps? Thank you. Have a great day! 谢谢 (Thank you). Martina

If the apps are built in AppInventor, it is allowed to promote the App in the appropriate section. Of course you should add a good app description.

I don't put my apps on Google Play. Google asks too much and gives too little... more and more demands on apps... I started cooperation with a certain creator of a comfort module for a certain brand of car, and I made 3 different apps for this module. Module users contact me for activations for the app. I share apps from a private server.

There are no big profits from apps available to the general public because there are many similar apps in the play store. You have to create something individual to attract customers.

Dear Patryk, Thank you so much for your answer. I am a nutritionist and graphic designer (certificates for both). I also got the answer from a friend who is a business counselor, that I need unique apps which no-one others have. I tried social media promotion for free and also paid, but I am 55 years old and social media is not my world. We also have only a few hundreds euros to live for us and my business income is very low, so I cannot take part on the Google Play promotion for 400 euros. The only action I will take, is, that I print business cards with the apps, for e. g. for the children's weather learning app "Wetterfrosch Sunny" and that I try to ask book shop owners I know, if I can put my business cards with the app promotion in their stores. But I see, there are not so many people who want to talk about promtion steps they take. Thanks!

If you are a dietitian, all diets sold on Facebook, along with the care of a dietician, have recently become fashionable. You can offer paid apps like healthy living that count calories, suggest meals and other things related to diets. You can create your own Facebook group.

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Dear Patryk, Thank you so much for this worthful tip! I will do so.

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