Online radio streaming problem when display is off

“I’m developing a radio streaming app using App Inventor. The app plays a radio stream when the ‘Start’ button is clicked and stops when the ‘Off’ button is clicked. I’ve implemented a wakelock to prevent the device from sleeping while the radio is playing. However, I’m experiencing an issue where the radio stream buffers or stops after playing for 15 to 20 minutes. I suspect this might be due to the device’s power-saving features or network conditions. I’m looking for a solution to keep the radio stream playing smoothly without buffering or stopping unexpectedly.”

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The topic radio / streaming app has been discussed and answered in detail numerous times in recent years on all AI2 relevant platforms (AI2, Kodular, Niotron, ...). Search the forums.

Check this one:

This web radio can play for several hours or more depending on the aia version you use. You might find the tutorial use on researching your issue. Try the version that plays in the foreground. :wink: