OneSignal Push Notification problem

Hello, i used one signal notification push, and have problem. Notification not send. and in onesignal web error:

> Your user failed to be subscribed.
> * Your Android app was missing the Android support library.
> * For <strong class='least-strong'>Eclipse</strong>, make sure you've completed <a href='' target='_blank'>steps 2 - 6 in the first section of our SDK installation documentation</a> that describes how to add the <code>Android Support Library v4</code> as a dependency. For <strong class='least-strong'>Android Studio</strong>, make sure you've followed <a href='' target='_blank'>step 1.1 of our SDK installation documentation</a> and have the three listed compilation dependencies.
> Please follow our troubleshooting steps [here]( to try to solve the issue.
> If you're still having trouble, contact us for support.


Missing Android Support Library

MI2 do not support push notification???

Thanks for answer...

(Sorry for my bad english)

What does this have to do with AI2?

You could try [BETA] OneSignal Fix Extension - Extensions - Kodular Community Haven't tested if it work with App Inventor but according to developer this extension fix the one-signal subscription issue with some SDK updates

Dora_paz - No thats no fix my problem.

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Which extension do you use for one signal ?


Okey, problem fixed. New problem:

We haven't detected any subscribed users yet for this platform. Try some of the tips below or contact us for support.

  • Run OneSignal.SetLogLevel(OneSignal.LOG_LEVEL.DEBUG, OneSignal.LOG_LEVEL.DEBUG);before OneSignal initialization and check your ADB logcat for errors or warnings.
  • Verify that the OneSignal App ID is correct in your app or site.

This version needs manifest edits like service, receiver, metadata, and more. it includes your app package name like :-

out.write("<meta-data android:name="com.onesignal.NotificationServiceExtension" ");
out.write("android:value="" + packageName + ".notification.NotificationServiceExtension"/>");

Ehm, how to do it in MI2?

You need to rebuild the extension and add metadata or change the old SDK to new...

Ok,that is problem, i dont know how to make

I'll do it for you can you provide your app details like package name...