One Signal extension doesn't work in App Inventor issue

Hello, My friends ... I have found one signal extension that supposed to be working with app inventor, but it seems it is outdated(android support) ...anyone can help upgrade it to Android X

here is the open-source link :

You could use recast

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Thanks for Answer, but I have used that tool and still getting different error which is (missing Google play service)

Latest release targeting SDK 30 most probably is causing the error, same thing is happening also in Kodular. Push notifications do not work with SDK 30

If you know much of java, I would be grateful if you help me :blush:

you could try this guide



Hello, I tried what you mentioned above for my application and when it says send, I get the code "200", but my application does not receive notifications. Do I need to add a code to my application that will receive notifications?

Thanks for the help tauifun