One Listpicker for few Textboxes


I am looking for a way to have ONE Listpicker for a few Textboxes.

It should work like this:

When Textbox1 ist touched the Listpicker should open and after selection the Listpickerselection should appear in Textbox1

Now, Textbox 2 ist touched and the same should happen for Textbox 2

How can I save that Textbox 1 or 2 is touched in order to place the selection in the correct Textbox?

I tried it in the following way but this did not work:

This solution is getting closer, however the selection is written in the wrong Textbox :frowning:


Now, the Text is written correctly, but first appears when another Textbox is touched :roll_eyes:


Here is a technique to use a List Picker both for
picking from a list and for adding new items:

Hi Oliver

You were nearly there, code below shows how to do it as requested.
However, You are only eliminating the buttons from your original Project but you need to eliminate the Text Boxes and Arrangements too, otherwise the Project will remain too big to compile/Build.

Click on the image to see the full code, a pop-up will be displayed. Click on the image in the pop-up to see the code @ full scale.

Or more simply:



Only one thing, when next Textbox Got Focus, Text in Textbox1 does not stay, as soon as you touch another Textbox the text in Textbox before changes to empty :frowning:

EDIT: When Textbox is set to Multiline is works !!!

I didn't see this...?

So Oliver - how many Text Boxes is “a few”?

Its about 250… I know its a lot but there is no way to reduce further as theres a lot of different information in every Textbox (will be filled when downloading a csv file, user can edit them and upload again.)

You can use a single pop-up Show Text Dialog Notifier that the User can use to modify Text.

Download the CSV, populate a List View with that data.

If User picks a block of text in the List View for Editing, set the Notifier with that text.

After the User confirms the edit, replace the existing List View Index data with the Edited data.

See my website for a working code snippet example:

When the User wishes to upload the edited data (one button!), create a new CSV file from the edited List View and upload that file.

For a form with hundreds of fields, it becomes simpler to work from a schema: