One format for call clock now and time picker

Hi. how to combine time from "call to clock now" with time and date picker? so as to calculate the digestion time between them. I think I need to fix one format, but I try and can't do it.

Show what you've tried. Show your blocks and explain what exactly you are up to.

One of the blocks asks for the current time and the other one should be entered manually. the error pops up when the duration is to be computed in between. Where a block is incomplete, it tries different ways and doesn't work. It seems the time the first block takes is in a different format than the time the timepicker takes. Because when I set the start and stop times with the time picker, it works fine, but when I set the start times with call to clock and stop in the time picker, I get the wrong argument.

The time picker ONLY returns the time selected, not the date (the timepicker instant returns January 1 1970). This is why is works when you use timepicker for start and stop, but not for when you use the for start and time picker for stop.

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