On the tablet, the application does not open

When I build the application, scan the code, install. Trying to open the registered application, unfortunately the operation has been stopped

Export your .aia and post it here..

Top possibilities:

  • TinyDB notfound wrong data type
  • Wrong Firebase server location
  • File path not allowed
  • using a sensor not on the tablet

It happened to me recently it happens with every program I write even a blank screen

An application written a few days ago and aia file built works. If I make a small repair and rebuild, the software does not open, it says that the operation has stopped

Describe the tablet.

Android 4.4.2

See here:

If so, what should be done? Up until about a week ago, everything was working fine

How do I get an older version of AI2, because the application does not open for me, unfortunately it says the operation has stopped

You can use Nb195(Use version without alphabet suffix!)version of AI2Offline(Simple solution, NOT MIT build, supports Android 4.4 SDK19 and up) or build the old version of AI2 from MIT's repo(Kind of complicated to do., supports Android 2.1 SDK7 and up).

Check the code.appinventor.mit.edu server to see if it was brought up to date yet.

You would have to export the aia to transport the Project across servers.

Report back and tell us, you are not the only one.

What do you mean? How exactly do I check it?
I don't understand why the software doesn't open, and a message is written, unfortunately it has been discontinued.
Do I have a problem with the tablet device?

Login to the code.appinventor.mit.edu server and use its Help->About pulldown to tell you the version.

What does it say?

Built: January 31 2024 Version: code47
Use Companion: Use Companion: 2.69 or 2.69u

If I enter help and about from my website, this is what it shows me
Built: January 27 2024 Version: nb195e
Use Companion: Use Companion: 2.69 or 2.69u

That's the Companion version.

Try the Release Notes version

It must be nb...

Built: January 27 2024 Version: nb195e
Use Companion: Use Companion: 2.69 or 2.69u

How about the ai2-test server?

That's where a fix would first appear.