On the Build heading there is an option to add a QR code

Explain the use/benefit of adding(?) a QR code or not to the apk file.

You can build the app, then scan the QR code to install the app on your device.

Saves the developer from having to save the apk to file on their computer, then upload it to the device.

Thanks, Tim, but I must be missing something. I read the QR code with my Samsung A10e. I haven't located the app on my phone yet. It is not in the MY FILES folder. Where could it be??? What am I looking for?

I believe they go into Downloads

Were you not asked to install? I forgot to mention to use the AI2 companion to read the QR code (sorry)

You are excused for forgetting, Tim. Reading the QR code with the Companion made all the difference.

You are too kind :smiley:

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