Old version view

I have a question, we all know that the projects have autosaving but the problem is that I erase by mistake a fundamental part of the project.
How can I view the old version of it?

Immediately after removing blocks accidentally, right-click on the background of the blocks screen and select Undo from the context menu.

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You are right but the problem Is that I did it a couple of days ago.

There is probably no solution to this. The best way to do it is to often backup your project by downloading it to your hard drive, then you can restore the project from each day. In case you make a mistake and delete blocks accidentally, use the undo function immediately.

Use your backed up aia project ?

I save one out at least every hour when working on a project, and before/after any big changes.

There is also the checkpoint system to save versions as you go along.

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