Oh.... Please, I need help for Runtime Error

![MIT 앱 인벤터 - Chrome 2021-08-20 오후 9_29_18|690x370](upload://ksRNHT657zPKO6dsiecuk3uDYYF.png)

You must specify a WebViewer using the WebViewer designer property before you can call ClassifyImageData...
What can I do?

Are you doing a Project using the Personal Image Classifier?

Lots of things can cause Runtime Errors. The link points you to discussions that helped developers solve their issues.

We don't know and cannot even guess because you did not share an image of your Blocks and did not explain what you were doing when you got the error. Provide a more detailed explanation and someone might be able to provide detailed advice..

That I almost doing everything, like reset and made again, and change the block..... And this is the seond time, the first thing is exactly same with this second project. I can't find cause of this error

You have a version of your Projects that works and you have a version that is spawning an error.

Based on the error message, a guess something is wrong with the png image you are attempting to load. Load a different image might work.

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