Offline Unable to compile

Hello,my project is unable to compile using offline app inventor(i try all versionslast one 3.9).In online version there is no problem with all the block enable.
After a lot of time checking i found out that :if i dsiable a few block (doesnt matter which) the compile is succefull!! The number of blocks in one screen are 7644.

Is there any number of blocks limition on offline version?

I can screenshot the error message if you want. (DX execution faild)

Hello George

Well, the Offline versions of App Inventor are not produced by MIT but by third parties using MIT's open source. So, we don't really know of their limitations, you would have to ask the respective developers of the version you use.

7644 Blocks is a lot, maybe your code could be optimised to reduce the number. How many screens are there? Do they have a similarly large number of blocks?

It would be a good idea to export your Project (.aia file) from the online version and upload it here for the Power Users to to take a look.

The only reason that i use offline is because i want to customise-change the packet name.If there is another solution for this i can stay with the online version.

Can you guide me on how i could change the packet name?

You can use the APK Tool: