Office 365 Account Sign-up/Login

After searching 'Microsoft office' I haven't seen this being mentioned or requested, but apologies if it has.

Whilst the creation of an account for the app inventor is no issue for myself, I am hoping to introduce this to my students who most only have a school email address or at most an icloud account. As I teach grades 4-8, it would be great if there was an option for students to create an account using their school office 365 rather than just Google. I appreciate that this may not be possible due to reasons I do not know of , but wondered if there was any scope for this in the future.

..Or alternatively if any other teacher with the same issue has found a work around for this I would be interest to hear any solutions.


Hello Jason.

Here is another way using the code app inventor server. The server does not require an email account to use.

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Thank you @SteveJG this is very useful and will work well for individual use cases.

I'm still hoping that in the future there will be the option for the sign-in, as setting this up for each group would be fairly cumbersome.

Thanks again for your help.