OcrTestExample from Gallery

I installed on my phone the OcrTestExample.apk from the MIT AppInventor's Gallery.
It didn't work.
Here are the steps I took

  1. BTN : Take picture with Camera : I took pic of a small receipt
  2. Upload : Success: true
    Content: OCRExitCode:3
    I could not find the text that I scanned.

I think this extension has a 1 Mb image size limit; you obviously exceeded it based on the error message. Your camera is probably creates images larger than 1 Mb. I am guessing.

Is this an apk made wit the 2017 extension referred to here OCR extension crashes always ?

Thanks Steve.

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Thank You, Steve,
I reduced the file to less than 1 Mb, It seems to be working to some extent.
Success = true
Content = Parsed result (I have got my scanned text unformatted.


  1. How to add button to first see the text as is and then how to convert it to OCR. Any tutorials to add these additional steps?
  2. How to increase the limit of 1 Mb.
    Thank you.

Great. Thank you for telling us you are making progress. :smile:

I never tried this extension. Perhaps some of the code mmanca posted in the link I posted earlier will help you. I think you can:

-- add a Button. The text as is text is the photo you took or image. Display that image in an Image component to see the text as is before conversion. Convert the image to OCR using the extension. Probably using this block from the extension
ocrlessthan1mbimage with the path to your smaller than 1 Mb image.

  • how to increase the 1 Mb limit..There is no simple way to do this, you can use a different OCR extension or ask Mika @ Makeroid to modify the extension.

Tanks Steve.

Hi @YoussefM,
If You want You can try this extension

Best Regards