Obtenir la liste des numéros de téléphone bloqués et savoir si notre interlocuteur au téléphone appuie sur un numéro (blocked phone numbers )

Bonjour je voudrais savoir si il était possible de récupérer la liste des numéros de téléphone bloqués et de savoir si notre interlocuteur appuie sur une touche numéro pendant l'appel.


From How to get blocked number list on Android? - Stack Overflow. This is using Android Studio, probably not usable in App Inventor.

In Android 7.0[API Level 24] they introduced Number Blocking API which enables service provider to maintain block number list at Android platform level. It's accessible by default phone app, and carrier apps only. If your app is default messaging app then you can use this API to get the list of all blocked numbers.

Probably not possible without an extension. What is possible using Blocks is documented in PhoneCall

additionally to the link provided by @SteveJG see also this link https://developer.android.com/reference/android/provider/BlockedNumberContract


Only the system, the default SMS application, and the default phone app (See TelecomManager.getDefaultDialerPackage()), and carrier apps (See CarrierService) can read, and write to the blockednumber provider.

As your app will be neither the default SMS application nor the default phone app it will not be possible to get that information in an extension