Obtaining Screen1.VersionCode and Screen1.VersionName values

I'm displaying in my app various values found under Screen1.FooBar, like .Title, .Width, etc.
This is accessible easily in Blocks.

However, Screen1.VersionCode and Screen1.VersionName, and
some others, do not seem to be available in Blocks. Any ideas how to grab these?

Yes, I can find out the VersionName from the App Info by long-pressing
its launcher app icon, but I want it stored in my app's About info.

Available from the Designer Screen Properties. Copy the values to the AboutScreen box as indicated

Thanks, but I want to do that programmatically.
Also, I realize now that "my app's About info" is misleading.
I have my own text block with with lots of app stats and device info
(Width, Height, Platform, etc.) I call "About".
I did not have in mind the Screen1.AboutScreen property.

Try TaifunTools...


I knew there had to be an extension! Thanks.

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