Objects alignment issue and color of navigation bar

Hello, I'm having a couple of issues with my app that I've done with the MIT App Invertor.

Everything is fine on the first screen, but when I go to second screen, the elements are not aligned.
Another issue on the second screen is the color of the navigation bar, it should be black, but it is gray.

These problems appeared this year after some update, not sure when.

I hope there is a fix for these.


Hello Niskalaukaus, welcome to the community :grin:

You are the first to report such problems (out of 400,00 Users per Month).

Have you by any chance changed your phone?

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I haven't change phone. Here is project file.

Here is screen shots of screen 1 and 2. On screen 2 you see buttons alligment issue and gray navigation bar.

? That is a bit weird.

You have Sizing set to 'fixed' - change it to 'Responsive'. You also have Label spacers to the right of the buttons......Also setting button sizes in pixels, better to use percentage because what may look good on your phone probably will not be good on other phones (different Screen sizes, shapes and resolutions), also better to specify the font family.

See this edit for improvement of Screen 2 using above advice. Apply the same to your Screen1 - none of your components size nicely on my phones.

Changing the Theme to 'Black Title Text' fixes the nav bar issue on my Android 10
phone (not tested on others).

File removed @ request by Niskalaukaus

Galaxy Note8, Android 9: (*)

I didn't change anything.

(*) Same on Android 13

... nav bar on my Android 10 was black on Screen1, whitish on Screen2. Possibly the Manufacture?


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Possible bug in theme 'Classic'?

I do!

No, (only) on Screen1:


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I changed button width to percentage and that fix my problem, thank you.

I'm on Samsung S21 (Android 13) and I had gray navbar in screen2. Thanks Anke for the tip. TaifunTools fix navbar issue in screen2. Previously, it was enough if TaifunTools was only in the screen1. But be glad you found a solution, thanks.

Each (real) screen has its own colors (layout, NavBar, StatusBar, ...). This must therefore be specified separately on each screen.