Numbers orders listview?

Hi guys,

I have a list to numbers (1 to 20) in the listview but I would like the data to come out in numeric order ?
It’s possible ?

Ty and good day.

  1. As previously advised ,you cannot set variables to tinydb getValues like that. You have to do it in the Screen initialise block.
  2. For your sorted list, you could use the Listutils Extension by Hossein to sort the list before storing it in the tinydb. Your numbers 01 - 09 may not be treated with a leading zero, therefore the sort may return unexpected results - e.g. 1,10,11,2,4,5

Thank you for your returns
1.It works so it suits me like that!
2. comments say it doesn’t work with numbers.

Try this:

Yes it’s ok
Thank you

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