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Hello everybody.
I have a Little trouble with my app. i have many text box in the screen and , once i select One, i Need to enter time in the format,00. It Is not user friendly put time in text box in this way so my question Is If there Is the possibility to have a custom selector (something similar to time picker) to do this. thanks a lot for your help.

You could use three spinners in a custom dialog (extension required) with a Submit button

(or a timepicker and one spinner for the milliseconds)

thanks.... 3 differentspinner selection plus a submit button doesn't look user friendly too.... Also time plus spinner plus submit seems a Little bit complex.... i have to think about It. thanks a lot

Regardless (friendly for the user, but not so much for the developer :wink: ), here is a demo project using three spinners to set your specific time format

ThreeSpinnersTime.aia (12.2 KB)

Credits to Zhangzqs for the AnyDialog Extension

What is the purpose of this? And where does the time come from?

And what do the two 00s at the end stand for:,00
Hundredths of a second? Will that always stay 00?

Maybe something like this:

the numbers come from the app Is for coaches.there Is a screen where coaches set the time to keep for each swimmer for each distance in order to have a feedback in real time when they swim....yes the 00 Is hundred but, in this case probably Will be used only second or,0 to be more realistic . i take a look at the code ....taifun is an extension i think

thanks a lot i'll try

The coaches will probably know the expected times in seconds:

thanks anke.... no i'm a coach and when time pass 60 seconds the format change in minutes and second....i'm implementing the solution of TIMAI2 even if It Is necessary to wrote block for each text box:-) thanks a lot for support.

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