Number format not able to acess from sheet

I am reading data from a single column with numbers from google Sheets that is being received at the backend of app inventor and is in the format of the string.
how to directly receive the data in number format and use it for further mathematical formulation.

You can use it for further mathematical formulation.

thanks for the reply. i want to store the value from sheets to different variable


this is implemented, but it shows an error that can't do + operation or * operation.

You can store the values wherever you want. I was only an example to show you that you don't need to convert the string to a number to be able to operate with it.

which is the content of sheets_data and sheet_string?

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That got text event loads one global variable with a table but selects from another global variable.

still showing the same problem.
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-08 at 7.06.59 PM (1)

that screenshot is old the data is being taken from the same sheet_data only

This can not be diagnosed with out the raw response content

just trying to multiply the string with 1[for converting the sheet string format data into number format], storing that in a variable. The first step of multiplication is not being performed and the above error is coming.

I seems that it is a list of list..

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If you are using a google apps script to return the data, then request getDisplayValues() instead of getValues()

no just using the blocks of app inventor

no, it's just one single list, one single column full of number data from Google sheet which is received at the backend of my app.

Please show it here....

To show raw response content:

the code

the error

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-08 at 7.06.59 PM (1)

hi! you can try something like this...