Notifier1 .ShowChooseDialog don't have the same look when I install the application

Hey, (Sorry for my bad english, I am french)

Like I said in the title, when I use MIT AI2 Companion (
uploaded to the PlayStore), Notifier1.ShowChooseDialog is normal, whith Yes and No buttons.

But when i download the apk and install my application, the Notifier1.ShowChooseDialog look weird and the buttons disappear, they are fonctional but invisible.

Do you have any idea how to solve this problem ?
Thank you

Welcome @Rayce in the community.

First of all can you please tell me this two screenshots are taken on same device or they are different?, Because it's looking first device is taken on Samsung device and second is taken form any stock android device.

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  1. Android version?
  2. Theme?

  3. Notifier → Properties?


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They are taken on the same device, but the first is when I use MIT AI2 Companion

(with Connext > AI Companion)
The second one is taken on the application when I build it (with build > AndroidApk)

Version Android : 11
HO you are right, when i put the theme in classic and not device default the pop-up is like this :

Thats cool but why when i set the properties like this the pop-up don't change ?

What is your Accent Color set to, if white/none then change it to something else



I changed it into green and that work (picture1), but I don't understand why it cant look like on the MIT AI2 Companion (picture2)

As @Boban said, set AccentColor to non-white and then you must set the Theme to

  • Device Default or
  • Black Title Text or
  • Dark

but NOT to Classic for this to work. Yes, this only works with the compiled app (APK, AAB).

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So I can have the YES/NO pop-up in Device Default but it can't look like on the MIT AI2 Companion ?
I'm disappointed because the one on MIT AI2 Companion look more beautiful for me.
But thanks for your answers