Notifier width grows when used the second time

Does someone can help me ?
I use a notifier with two buttons (ShowChooseDialog)
On the first call everything is OK, on the second call the notifier window gets so big that the right button is outside the screen and cannot be used.
Thanks in advance

I'm developing on a Windows10 PC, download and test the apk to my REDMI Note 7 Smartphone which runs Android 10.

Please show your relevant blocks

I couldn't find a similar topic.

Sorry i'm new here.

The application should send data via email.
Before sending there is a security question (wether the recipient is correct).

The left screenshot is the wrong one.

After some tests on my old Sony Xperia I come to the conclusion that it is a bug of Android10 or the Xiaomi firmware.
On the Sony Smartphone the effect does not occur.
Thanks to everyone who might have wanted to help.

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What happens if you use Classic theme instead of Default?

Also you can use <br> instead of <br />

For what it is worth, the notifier works fine in companion on my Android 10 emulator, both themes, both <br> styles

Thank you. With the Classic Theme the error does not occur, but I cannot really say that I like the look of the Notifier in this theme :frowning:

You could try making your own notifier: