Notifier ShowTextDialog not active under Android 10

Is it a bug or intended that under Android 10 and 11 the Notifier.ShowTextDialog is not "active" when it opens in an app?

In Android 9 eg the Notifier Box pops up and the "curser" is in the textfield and keyboard is open.

In Andoid 10+11 the notifier box pops up but you have to click inside the box to open the keyboard

I only see the behaviour you describe in Android 10/11 on my Android 9 device (and other devices with <9). This could be a device specific thing....

yeah my android 9 s8+ mobile also doesn't work i how there is a way do to notifier on android9

I have no issues with that on Android 9 & 11.
Android 9 (Galaxy Note8) is almost the same as S8.