Notifier .ShowTextDialog cancelable (issue with languages)


I would like to set the cancelable property of a Notifier .ShowTextDialog block to true, in order for the user of the app to reject to input text.

The problem is, the way to know if the user rejected, is to check the response parameter of the when Notifier .AfterTextInput event.

If the user accepted, the answer is the text entered; but if the user rejected, it's not a fixed text (like "cancel"), but happens to be a text meaning "cancel" in the language of the device (like Zru^sit or Cancel.lar).

The text displayed on the button to finish the text input (always present) seems to be always "OK" (reagardless of the device's language); but the one in the button to cancel (optional), changes its text according to whatever the language of the device is set up to. That makes difficult to recognize programatically when the user rejected to input text.

¿Does anybody know a workaround?

Unfortunately there is not an option to change the text of the cancel button in MIT App Inventor.


You can do that in Kodular, with the 'Text Input' function with the Notifier. In there, you can set the custom text of a notifier's cancel button.


Use this block.

Thanks a lot, Gordon
I didn't notice before that the event when Notifier .TextInputCanceled exists.

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