Notifier ShowMessageDialog ... rows

Can anyone advise?
I tried to use Notifier to display detailed items from the list after clicking on ListView1.Elements. ShowMessageDialog. But I would need 8 lines ... And you can't go there. I tried to create via Join string ... item "\ n" .... item "\ n" ... etc. It's a small window. Isn't there another solution?

Can you post a screenshot of the output?

The message dialog will usually expand to display all content, what theme are you using and what content are you supplying to it ?

Do not use \n use <br> instead


Why do you have errors on the blocks?

it is because they are not inside an event (definition of variables)


Ondrej, I tested the notifier. Do not use \n, use <br> instead.

Refer to Dora's post.

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It works with the html tag
There is still a problem with the window background. It's just black.
He seems to have a problem with

Thanks to all of you !

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This specifies bg color only for alerts


You could always use an extension to create your own notifier for example