Notifier object not working on Android tablet on version 2.57b but working fine on Android emulator

Hello, I’m tutoring someone with an AP project and we have run into a problem -
When they are testing their code on their tablet the notifier object they programmed does not respond whatsoever when the event comes up. I tested the same code on my PC (I don’t own an Android device) with the aiStarter emulator and it worked just fine.

Thank you for any help in advance, and I’m happy to answer more questions if necessary.

Update the companion ?

If the sprite in question continues to collide with something, the event may be firing multiple times, so what you’re seeing is a stack of notifier messages one on top of another. Try adding a global variable to track whether you’ve gotten here before, and only show the notifier if the variable is false, and set the variable to true. That will eliminate a potential confounder.


Like this? I’m having them try it out on their tablet.