Notifier - how do you make a YES or NO question?

Hi ya all !

After a long time , i want to "enhance" my little App (simply collect cars getting in/out on our premises)

Till now i worked with a simple notifier for deleting all entries.

For now , i just want to add a sinple Yes/No Notifier (Are you sure ? Yes/No)
I tried serveral things from YT Tutorials , but none of the worked for me.

Hopefully someone here has the final solution for me ?!

Here's the Block :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Use the Choose Notifier


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You will receive the option chosen in the AfterChoosing event.

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I like my Notifiers to have more specific buttons, to avoid confusion by the user and to make the code clearer, especially when different Notifiers are needed for different circumstances.

Have your buttons more verbose, like

Yes, Delete this
No, Cancel this
Yes, Enter this data
Yes, Launch the missiles

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