Notifier doesn't wait for a response before continuing

I've just discovered that notifier doesn't appear to wait for a response before continuing to execute code in the same block. I only realised because I had a message that explained why the user was being redirected to another screen, followed by the 'open screen' block. However, when the code runs it immediately goes to the other screen, and the user doesn't end up seeing the explanation with the 'Ok' button until afterwards. Is this the correct way to behave? It is definitely not what I was expecting and seems counter-intuitive.

Does anyone have a simple way of resolving this so that it will actually wait until the user has responded before continuing?

The Notifier has event blocks that can be used to resume control after hitting that button.

Find the appropriate event block, and move that open screen block there.

If you are reusing the Notifier for different purposes (Setup, Launch Missiles,...) you will need to add extra logic or add special purpose Notifier components .

Use the Choose Dialog


(set Cancel to false if you do not want that)

Also, my Alt-Notifier extension provides an event block for the message dialog, which should work in the same way.

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