Notifier - does not display notification

I want to use Notifier at the beginning of a long list crawl
and hide Notifier at the end of the scan. It is not working. Where am I wrong?


Use a clock timer to separate the progress dialog "Start" block from the progress dialog "Dismiss" block. They cannot be in the same event/procedure.

Put your last two blocks in the clock timer event, along with a clockEnabled = false, and put a clockEnabled = true as the last block in your procedure

Like this:



Well thank you!!!

I wrote those blocks exactly. Unfortunately, when I search for an item in the large list ... 13,500 items ... I don't see that message in Timer ....

Sometimes the activities being run after setting the progress dialog "take over" and start running before the dialog is displayed, and then it is only shown quickly at the end.

You may need to rework your blocks so that the progress dialog is started, and then the procedure is called (it may require another clock timer)

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