Notifier alert after some time interval

Whenever soil moisture reading goes below 30, an alert is shown repetitively. Also when moisture value increases still alert is shown. How to make alert pop up for 2-3 seconds and then the moisture condition is checked after every one hour.

Can't see enough of your Code Jashanjot. Doesn't setting Clock1 time interval to one hour take care of that?

Look in the Notifier blocks for a Progress notifier. That can be raised and lowered under blocks control. In the Designer, create an inactive clkNotifierReset Clock with a Timer event (3000 ms) that turns off the Progress Notifier and resets that Clock to Inactive (a one shot timer.)

When you activate the Progress Notifier, also set the clkNotifier Reset Clock to Active, so that in 3 seconds it will turn off the Notifier.

You could set up a clkMoistureCheck Clock with repeating interval (1 hour = 60 minutes/hour * 60 seconds/minute * 1000 ms per second, you do the math) to check the global variable where you store the incoming moisture readings. To make sure you are using fresh readings, also keep a global variable LastMoistureReadingSystemTime with the ms (since 1970) of the last reading, otherwise 0.