Notifier after new release

When Notifier alert is in the same event as closing screen - the alert doesn't show.
It does work in Companion, but does not in build apk.

Simple project, that shows this problem:
This button just opens screen2

This button should show alert and then close screen, to come back to screen1.

In nb186a everything worked nice, but now it only works in Companion, not in apk. Screen closes, but without any alert.

AIA: NotifierAIA.aia (2.8 KB)

Try with a clock timer for the close screen. Put the timerEnabled true in your button click event and button Enable false in the clock timer event, along with your close screen block.Start with a couple of seconds, see if that works, then reduce bit by bit.

Because this only evidences itself in a compiled app, I suggest for testing you add a textbox to be able to enter the timer interval.

Hello Oliwier

It doesn't work because each Screen is in separately allocated memory. Therefore, you need to avoid closing the current screen until the Alert has been seen. As Tim has suggested, you could use a clock timer. Alternatively, you could use a Notifier that waits for the User to respond.

well, it was working and it still should work...
therefore @ewpatton might want to take a look into this
of course we always can find some workaround...


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I tested it in nb187 and nb186, on android9. It works the same in both versions, both with the companion and after compiling the APK.

Hi @Oliwier, thank you for your report...
which Android version are you using for your tests?

@Taifun Sorry for delay with replying..
I tested it on Android 11.

yes, I can confirm your issue on Android 11...

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