Notified if website opens

i have a website which when opened then it gives two results when opened
If you open it at wrong time then a 10 letters message will come written "unauthorised access" or
When you open it at right time it will give you a bunch of data( that i want)
Now is there something that i can do with webview
I want it refresh the website every 2min and send me notification if it opened
sorry for bad english

You can refresh your website every 2 minutes, with this way :

blocks (1)

Component :

  • WebViewer1
  • Clock1

Timer Interval = 120000 Millisecond = 2 Minute

I still think about sending notifications when the app is opened

What is the wrong / right time?

See i elaborate this
there is a website for booking a slot/appointmen of
On digging in website source code i found a link of a website (there database ) which when opened will give two results
Wrong time is when slot are not open and right time is when there are slot open
When there are slot open then there will data on the second website or else a 10 letters error words

Is this your own website?

Offcourse, and i am trying to make an app for my website, without spending a penny