Notifications only shows when all the code is executed

Hi, good afternoon.

I'm using the notifier to show messages in my Application, but instead of waiting for each one of the notifications, all the code is executed and the all the notifications are shown.

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It sounds like you need to be using a series of choose dialogs, in order to control the workflow of your app:


I'm using the ShowMessageDialog . The problem is that the execution of the code does not stop until I press the continues until the program ends and then all the messages are displayed.

Correct, the showMessage notifier will not stop code execution

Ok, thanks. And do you know other type of notification that stops code execution?

The text Input one.

You could also try my extension, altNotifier, that provides and after event for the message dialog

Do you know if there is any kind of global parameter that allows us to wait for an event execution before continuing the execution of the code?

the blocks do not wait...

use a ShowChooseDialog notifier to show the first message together with setting a global variable, for example to 1
just set the second button to an empty string...
then in the ShowChooseDialog check the global variable and show the next message together with setting the global variable to another value for example 2, etc.