Notification listener extension question

Hello everyone,

I am using the Notification Listener, and it works great, except that whenever I receive more than one message from, say, WhatsApp, the notifications get merged, and it is impossible for me to tell what each message contains.

Eg the notification becomes: title: WhatsApp; text: 2 new messages. The problem is I need to know the content of that message as I am working with it per my app.

Does anyone know a workaround to this ? Ideally with the great notifications listener ? Or is there maybe a setting which the app has to change ?

Please let me know if you need more detail.
Thanks a lot.

Link to extension:


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Please provide a link to the Notifications listener extension page?

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Thank you. I pasted the link into my message.

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Does your Whatsapp notification show the content of the message ?

Or have you changed the settings to - Hide Content ?

An assumption.
Whatsapp has extreme privacy measures too which might be blocking you from accessing message content from an other app.



So far the problem only seems to appear with Whatsapp. Made a snapshot below:
When you have no unread message, the first new message you receive is fully spelled out in the notification. The second says 2 new messages. But to answer your first question the first message appears, so it does not seem to me like it is a privacy measure.

With Facebook messenger, that is not a problem, and everything appears as you can see.

I have searched "how to unstack whatsapp notifications" but to no avail until now. I also looked into the settings, but did not see any option to do that (there is an option but it is "show all notifications and their contents" -- selected).

Notification listener output

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Actually, you know what, whenever you have multiple messages, whatsapp sets the text of notification to <number> unread messages.

This is an in-app build problem.

@Yacine_Rouimi you forgot to answer this question... the answer most probably is NO...

The extension does not modify the notifications
You might want to test this on another device


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Thank you both, that is really helpful.

Yes, whatsapp shows me the content of the message, but only when I click lightly on the notification: then the message shows as a sub-notification.
The same for gmail: I retrieve the notification, "text" contains the object of the mail, and "title" the name of the sender. The body of the email however is nowhere to be found.

Is there maybe a way to modify the extension so it gives more properties? Like the body of the email and the content of the whatsapp message has to be somewhere no? Since it displays in the notifications (after a small click).

If what I am trying to get is not possible, do you know of a way that I can capture incoming messages? Maybe listening to notifications is not the best way.

Thank you again.

That's probably true, but the platforms have different ways of delivering content. If the App was a human, he/she would click through to the program that raised the notification, so perhaps your App has to do something similar. However, how to is not easy. What's App has an API, but it's restricted. If Gmail notifies, it's a big ask to go into Gmail online and access the email concerned.

So, back to clicking notifications. That might be possible to automate as an extension...... worth raising a post in the extensions forum ("Suggested Extension").

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There are a few links and it seems like people have solutions to that problem.

I will try a few things in line with this (I am new and have a lot to learn) and post in the suggested extensions forum.

Will keep you posted how that works.
Have a great week.

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