Notification alarms app like e-remiza

It possible to make this type of norification?
I would to click a button, and my friend with app will get it

Look at the video

Hi Rzeszów

Hard to see exactly how e-remiza does it. Using a cloud solution of some sort, probably a web server, so that the receiving User is alerted to open their App via an Android notification, then the opened App downloads the data. However, data appears to be sent from multiple Users, so the App requires quite some sophistication.

It's very difficult to say if it can be done with App Inventor. Probably it can, but I think it requires a skilled, knowledgeable App Inventor developer who can also program for the web side of the service. This is not a project for someone new to AI2 unless that someone has good experience in programming generally (or is simply a genius that can do anything!). Especially true if the App is required to inform people in the midst of a dangerous situation as shown in the video - the App needs to be rock-solid reliable.

I will ask my colleague Tim to comment too as he is a cloud expert.

Sorry, can't help with this one....

To be a bit more expansive, my guess would be to use the recipient's phone number as the "link" in order to be able to send a push notification, from somewhere.