Notice Board with Calender App

Good day,
I am looking at making a App for our sports club, that serves as a notice board / calender for events.
What is the best way - by integrating Google Calender, or have a Google Sheet with dates, ect.
It should not only have a calender, but also catoegories,for example by selecting a Type 1 race, it should list all the races in that category, teh same with Type 2 etc. I guess this way Google sheets would be the best? anyone with other ideas?

It will probably be easier for you to use google sheets as your back end, and to format the display of returned data in your app, using lists and list/table views.

I suggest you plan out on a piece of paper what a single record of data would look like, containing all the columns of identifying data that you need, e.g. date,type,category,location,organiser, etc.


Thanks, so how do I make a simple calendar that can display the info from a sheet in the calender? I do not see a calender module? are there any external; modules?

See my answer here


Here's a Button based monthly calendar you can tie to your Sheets back end: