NoTextingWhileDriving not working on iOS

Hey all, having a little trouble here right now. I eventually want to build an app that will take text messages received by my iPhone and will send them to an Arduino over bluetooth. Since I am just starting out, I wanted to use the NoTextingWhileDriving example to have my app do something when it receives messaged. I made a very, very simple app using this tutorial (it only consists of like 4 blocks) When I scan the app to my iPhone using the AI companion, a little message pops up saying that this feature is not supported on my OS. I also tried to switch screens when I received a text message but I got the same error. No one in my family has an Andriod right now, so I can't really test it with that. Can someone help me with this issue?

If it is an iOS thing that is not supported right now by MITAPPINVENTOR (like Bluetooth), is there a way to let them them know to try to implement the feature when the iOS stuff is released?

Edit 1: I tried switching the "receiving enabled" tab to Always, but the same error message appears

As far as I know, ios will support Bluetooth LE. I'm not sure about BT classic. Currently no version of BT is supported.
You can check here what is ready:

Yeah, I know that Bluetooth isn’t supported yet, and haven’t tried it. My problem right now is that the Texting feature in the Social Category comes up with an error message saying that iOS does not feature it.

If you follow the link I provided, you will see that SMS reception has not been added. As far as I know, this Apple does not allow this for security reasons.

Be aware, that tutorial was written in about 2013. It was written before Google required major security changes to the Android operating system. The tutorial is 'out dated' and will not even work with an Android unless you make adjustments to the Block code. The following discussion describes the issues and the changes a developer must make to get the tutorial to work with an Android device. Whenever you can obtain or borrow an Android device make sure you make the simple adjustments. Unfortunately, Texting (sms) must be tested on a real device. You cannot use an emulator.

Dang, that’s tough. I already pulled out half my hair trying to get Bluetooth on my Arduino connected with the iPhone since Apple will only let you use BLE. I guess that it’s time to go back to the drawing board

Thanks, I will remember to do that when I switch from iPhone to Android permanently

Do you have any other alternatives that I could use to do something similar (whether that be with text messages or emails)? I could really use some good news right now

Unfortunately, Apple does not provide any access to read/process text messages programmatically on iOS, even for built-in apps like the Shortcuts app. There is a mechanism to create and send custom messages defined by the app, but this wouldn't work with arbitrary text messages coming from other people.

I see. Is it possible to use a terminal like approach to read incoming messages from an Arduino? (So like I can send messages over the Serial Monitor to an Arduino and vice versa)

I understand that I can’t receive text messages from people with my app to send via Bluetooth. How about email? I see that the Shortcuts app allows me to to things depending on the sender, contact, etc. Is it possible for the app to receive emails as well?


Emails are sent on Android devices using the ActivityStarter or extensions ( see How do I upload file to a specific email? )

Extensions cannot be used on ios so you cannot use an extension to send an email on ios.

I believe the ActivityStarter can not be used to send eMails on iOS either. You can test using an ActivityStarter to see if you can use ios for App Inventor. Use the methodology shown at Using the Activity Starter for an Android app. Test that it works using an Android device. Then use the code using the ios Companion; does the ActivityStarter work? I don't think so but go ahead and try. Let us know what you discover.

Receiving eMails on Android has always relied on receiving them through the Android's eMail app . It has never been possible to receive eMails through using ActivityStarter.

Oh ok, got it. I will try that out, thanks