Not understanding my error message

Hello i am new to MIT Iventor. I tried to create the app in this tutorial: TextGroup (Part 2).
But somehow my app displays two error messages that i am not understanding.
Does someone know what did i forgot to add in my block section?

huhu.aia (4.1 KB)

You are following an AppInventor Classic Tutorial
this went out of use nearly 10 years ago.

So this tutorial would not be possible to work with the new AppIventor? Would the logic behind the blocks not work?

Google have placed restrictions on sending texts, requiring user interaction with the default messaging app.

Is there any possibility that we can "convert" or translate the blocks so that it can fit to the current version of MIT App Inventory

It should work. You will need to download/install the companion app from the AI2 program, the one that ends with a u. This contains extra blocks to sendMessageDirect. Using this block will probably not be accepted by Google should you try to publish your app on Play Store, because it uses a dangerous permission.


I tried that and it does not work unfortunely

Please show your error messages and your relevant blocks (when the error messages occur)

This the error message that i got

You are attempting to select an item with index 0 (from what looks like an empty list ?)

AI2 list indexes start with 1

so what does this mean?

You must check if a list is not empty before trying to select items from the list.

i tried to delete the sending button and texting section. So that i just have two buttons one where i can add Contacts and the contacts will be displayed in the label section and one listpicker where you can delete some contacts. I also added a value now to my variable.
But somehow i am still getting an error.

Blank text is not a list.
Use the create empty list block.