Not sure what the error means? Idk which script it refers to

The error:
I think it refers to this, but there's no problem in the "Do it" problem. The input is -53.

JoshuasPersonalAppV1_1.aia (2.1 MB)
Haven't tested it on .apk, my device has far too many app inventor apps..

The error refers to the block in which you left the input empty. Never leave empty inputs in blocks...


The input parameter of this procedure is empty, which is interpreted as false.

The first condition in this procedure is "input >= -59". You can compare a number with a number, not an empty parameter with a number.

I think it should look like this:

Oh shhot, I thought I put detailed_WiFiInfo thanks!

Also, in the future, don't mark posts that are not a solution as a solution...

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