Not receiving data from bluetooth

I am using IoT BluetoothLE extension

Hello How

Download the most recent MIT BLE extension from my site:

Upload your Sketch here (change the extension from .ino to .txt)

List all of the hardware you are using:
Microcontroller Name/Model
Bluetooth Module/Shield and Bluetooth Version.
Android Device Manufacture/Model Name/Bluetooth Version.

Using ESP32
Able to connect and show some data but the data is wrong. It is suppose to show a data range from 0 - 4059.


Few small things:

  1. App: There is no need to split the names and addresses from the Device List - BLE Extension is designed to use that as-is.
  2. App: If you register a type, you do not use the 'Read' Blocks, use the 'Received' Blocks
  3. Script: There is usually no need for more than one Characteristic of the same type.
  4. Script: There is no need to cast values to strings (which may be causing the unexpected values).