Not get data from fire base

I am not able to get data from fire base


  1. Are you using the us-central server for your firebase project ?
  2. You have an empty socket in your fourth if condition....
  3. Sometimes, your aia project need to interact with firebase (e.g. set a dummy tag/value) in order to initialise the dataChanged event
  1. yes
  2. corrections done
  3. can you help I am not getting what you want to say

I have just tested your aia. You have no data in Firebase (or your data is not changing), so nothing will be returned....

can you confirm if my code is ok or if any corrections are needed. I think its because my data is not changing.
this the url for my database

Your blocks look OK, and firebase is accepting values from the aia project, but I am guessing you want to load values into firebase from your ESP32 device ? ( I cannot provide any advice on that part)

yes, I want to display real time data obtained from ESP-32 in the app.(No problem thankyou for your quick response)

Where is the ESP-32 code?

Thankyou for your concern. The problem is solved.